And I’m Still Alive!

Stories About Arriving in Germany

Despite the outstanding commitment of many different actors, living conditions of refugee children in Germany remain precarious. Systematic knowledge about their situation is only slowly being acquired.

Based on the everyday social pedagogical work of the author Kristina Sellmayr, the book tells stories about the arrival of refugee children in Berlin. Through the stories they speak to us in a touching way, about their fears and dreams, strengths and weaknesses, successes, but also setbacks. Despite all adversities, however, the narrations always remain life-affirming and encouraging.

“And I’m Still Alive!”-author Kristina Sellmayr vividly shows us how loving care and openness strengthen children in using their abilities and shaping their future with dignity.

The book is aimed at educators, teachers, students, and people involved in working with refugees, as well as all those who are open to thinking outside the box when it comes to the topics of flight and integration and to accepting the diversity of the realities of refugees’ lives.

The book first appeared in German under the title of “Und ich lebe doch! Geschichten über das Ankommen in Deutschland” in 2017. We owe the English translation to Steven A. Goldberg.



Military Expertise

Ten-year-old Tarek comes from Iraq. His soul is both traumatized and wounded. His gaze is strong, and at the same time, there is deep injury in it. Tarek challenges others to withstand his look. Until now, I have only known such people who have been tortured, abused and injured in war, as well as those who have experienced similar things, from tel-evision. Now Tarek’s father sits in front of me. His injuries, which were caused by torture, are clearly visible.

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Kristina Sellmayr: And I’m Still Alive! Stories About Arriving in Germany
Kristina Sellmayr: And I’m Still Alive! Stories About Arriving in Germany. Vielfalt Verlag, Leipzig 2021.


A very Impressive and Important Book

Reading I’m Still Alive, Kristina Sellmayr’s poignant reflections on her interactions with migrant children to Germany, brought tears to my eyes. She so beautifully captured the traumatic experiences of these most vulnerable young people. As I read about their disrupted lives and their escape to Europe, I wondered what happened to each of them after working with this dedicated school social worker. So, I was delighted when I reached the final chapter of the book, in which the author updates the reader on each child with both “happy endings” and some unfortunate sad ones.

29. Juli 2021